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25 January, 2017


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David Jenyns

InnovaBuzz Episode #59 - Janette Valentino - Graveyard

In this episode, my guest is Janette Valentino - Graveyard Innovation and also from Valentino Coaching. Janette tells us of the importance of getting clear about your "idea" - what is it that you connect with, inspires you and helps you serve others. We also talk about the importance of asking questions, of giving yourself and your ideas space and building your trust muscle. This is a fascinating interview with a lot of valuable advice, so listen to the podcast and be ready to take action.

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Select Hero Images

How to Select Hero Images that Boost Conversions and Move Audiences

by Kissmetrics

It takes just 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about a website. To put this into context, an average human blink takes about 100-400 milliseconds. To say that we judge websites in the blink of an eye would be an overstatement.

When you have so little time to make an impression, it’s crucial that you get your design right. One overlooked element of modern design is the hero image. The hero image dominates the above the fold area, yet it is often hastily chosen without any consideration for its effect on the user-experience or conversion rates.

In this article, Kissmterics explains how you can select the right kind of hero image to grab attention, convert users and complement your design.

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Attract your ideal customer

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Perfectly Positioned Content

by Brian Clark

You remember Apple’s “Get a Mac” series of commercials that ran from May 2006 to October 2009?

The commercials were short vignettes featuring John Hodgman as the sweet-yet-bumbling PC and Justin Long as the creative, hip Mac. Those 66 short spots were named the best advertising campaign of the previous decade by Adweek.

The success of the long-running campaign leads one to believe that Apple certainly knows who its ideal customer is. Of course they do … because they chose their ideal customer, right from the birth of the Macintosh itself. That doesn’t mean that everyone responded favorably to the ads. While researching for this article, I ran across a commenter who maintained that the campaign had “backfired” because the PC character had actually been more appealing to him.

No, the campaign didn’t backfire (no one runs a series of ads for three years if they’re not working). Instead, Apple chose who not to attract as much as they chose who they hoped to convert. Apple knew they were never going to get hardcore PC people to switch to a Mac. Instead, Apple used these 66 humorous little stories to target those who were more likely to “swing” toward Apple, after being educated about the benefits by the contrast between the two characters.

Find out more about the 3-step content marketing strategy that will attract your idea customer.

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Global NEST

Global NEST - Remote TEAM Excellence

Do you work with or in a remote team? Join our Global NEST (Nurture Excellence in Specialist Teams) Facebook Group, for those who manage teams in remote locations, with different cultures and those who work in remote locations from other team members. Come and share your experience of working with or in remote teams. Jürgen led large global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia for many years and wants to share everything he knows to help others as well as learn from members of this community. Let's all help each other build our very own Global NESTs.

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content marketing 101

Advanced Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Serve Your Business

by James Mulvey

Mulvey writes this guide as an internal resource but hope that it helps other content marketing teams as well. It’s a sort of content marketing 101 primer. You’ll learn the key principles of content marketing strategy as well as sophisticated ways to research, refine, and improve your team’s content marketing output.

Be prepared to learn from this document and help your team:

  • Brainstorm campaign ideas that broadly resonate in your market
  • Create customer-centric content that generates leads
  • Use data to better focus on your customer’s needs
  • Boost your traffic and conversions with advanced selling principles

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Manage Time by Outsourcing 9 Tasks

Manage time by outsourcing these 9 tasks + keep your biz efficiency flowing

by Cee Lee Reed

Ask every business owner you meet and the one thing they want is more time. It’s as if we’re all in some super secret club and the password is “more hours in the day”. We all get the same 24 hours in the day and what differentiates us is how you use them.

Use them wisely and efficiently and you’ll watch your business grow. Waste your precious time and your business that blogs will flounder and frustrate you. Efficiency is not a mindset, it’s an essential component of working well. You need to focus on those tasks that create income and manage time by outsourcing these 6 tasks.

Find out more about home tasks you need to outsource by reading this article.

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