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01 February 2017


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Being No 1 on Google

InnovaBuzz Episode #60 – Being Number One on Google

How unsolicited emails that promise to get you to number one on Google are the same as unsolicited emails that promise you a multi-million dollar inheritance!  There is no ” magic-bullet”, but there are best practices.  Listen to the podcast and read the post to find out more, including the 10 step checklist for on-page SEO optimisation.

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SEO Take a Backseat

5 Reasons SEO Should Take a Back Seat With Website Content

by Mike Murray

It makes sense at times to produce content without worrying too much about the SEO aspects. (Please know it isn’t easy for me, an SEO professional, to write that.) Some SEO purists suggest that website content be optimized at all times. It’s inevitable that someone – or a team – will follow an internal process and think about the content with an everything-SEO mentality. But there are situations when you don’t need to sweat SEO – or can at least scale back the effort. Here are five occasions to consider.

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Top 5 Trends for Internet of Things 2017

Here Are The Top Five Trends To Watch For In The Internet Of Things During 2017

by Chris O’Connor, IBM

Last year was a transformative and exciting year for the Internet of Things as we saw almost every industry invest in the IoT. Consumer products — such as wearables and connected electronics — make up a large part of the market, but IDC estimates that more than 80 percent of IoT spending through 2020 will be on such things as B2B applications. The Internet of Things will also create a self-learning environment that will drive digital disruption in the physical world. The IoT will allow new business models to emerge, along with new work processes, productivity improvements, cost containment and better customer experiences. Here are the top five trends in the IoT in 2017.

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Global NEST

Global NEST – Remote TEAM Excellence

Do you work with or in a remote team? Join our Global NEST (Nurture Excellence in Specialist Teams) Facebook Group, for those who manage teams in remote locations, with different cultures and those who work in remote locations from other team members. Come and share your experience of working with or in remote teams. Jürgen led large global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia for many years and wants to share everything he knows to help others as well as learn from members of this community. Let’s all help each other build our very own Global NESTs.

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Manage Remote Teams

How to Manage Remote Teams: We Uncover the System That Lets Us Grow 10% Each Month

by Dave Nevogt

Imagine you were put in charge to manage a group of people and you had no prior management experience. To make matters more challenging, it’s a remote team that’s distributed around the world. Where do you start?

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Remote Working Myths

5 myths about working with remote teams

by Sujah Abhilash

Remote work is gaining popularity globally as more skilled employees and contractors look for autonomous positions. Despite this, some companies continue to avoid engaging remote workers for their business activities. These organisations may still be hesitant and are not always receptive towards the idea of having team members that are located in multiple geographical locations. Using remote team members for technical, sales or creative work may seem to entail greater risk, and runs counter to the traditional office based environment that is seemingly easier to manage and control. Nonetheless, the advantages of hiring remote employees or contractors are hard to ignore, and more companies are gravitating toward forming remote teams in order to fill certain types of work roles.

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Smart Website Blueprint

This is our 7 step system to turn YOUR website into an efficient sales platform. Just follow each of the steps for your website project and you’ll be well on the way to a website that achieves AWESOME RESULTS.

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